This project is now deprecated.

There has not been additional development on this in over 18 months. I was the primary contributor and have been unable to continue work and, at this stage, no one else has started active work on keeping in sync with the latest development in the Clojure community as I had hoped.
For several options in getting started with Clojure development, please go to:
Getting Started with Clojure

The github repo for the code is here:

For any questions about the project, feel free to contact me:

I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the course of this project.

Getting Started

Support for Netbeans 7.x

The latest version does support NB 7.x but there have been some intermittent and annoying problems reported that made me back off and recommend using the previous version. This is an open source project and contributors are welcome to help make this a better tool!
Please see the "For Developers" page for more information.

Please provide any feedback or issues to the Enclojure Group


Enclojure is a set of libraries for supporting the development of tools for the Clojure programming language. In addition to providing a plugin for the Netbeans IDE for the Clojure language, our goal is to build on the inspirational work of Rich Hickey (inventor of Clojure) in promoting the building of tools for Clojure. Below is a set of features supported for the Netbeans plugin. For more information on contributing to Enclojure and/or using the support libraries outside of Netbeans, see the For Developers page.
  • REPL Management

    • REPLs based on project dependencies
    • Support for connecting REPLs to remote JVMs
    • Stand-alone REPL support
    • REPL history persistent across IDE restarts
    • Browsable/searchable REPL history
    • Integration of Pretty Printer
    • Hyperlinks for errors
    • Based on REPL in clojure.main for consistent user experience
    • Tight integration with the editor
  • Java/Clojure Integrated Completion

    • Context aware completion
    • Lookup Java class methods, syntax aware instance and static method searching
    • Hyphen, dot and camel case token navigation
  • Editor

    • Syntax highlighting, brace/paren/bracket matching
    • Go to declaration functionality
    • Evaluate expression (within namespace)
    • S-expression navigation
    • Lisp style indenting
  • Code Navigation

    • Structured navigation of Clojure source
    • Supports hierarchical navigation of multimethod dispatch functions to defmethods
  • Debugger

    • Breakpoints
    • Clojure style display of local variables
    • Step through code
  • Project Management

    • AOT (ahead of time) compile support
    • Project templates with clojure.contrib


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