Enclojure is an integrated development environment for the Clojure programming language. In addition to providing an IDE for the Clojure language, our goal is to build on the inspirational work of Rich Hickey (inventor of Clojure) in building a development environment better suited to support developers preparing applications for the massively multi-core platforms of the near future.
  • REPL Management

    • REPLs based on project dependencies
    • Support for connecting REPLs to remote JVMs
    • Ad-hoc REPLs
    • REPL history
    • Reset support
    • Tight integration with the editor
  • Java/Clojure Integrated Completion

    • Context aware completion
    • Lookup Java class methods, syntax aware instance and static method searching
    • Hyphen, dot and camel case token navigation
  • Editor

    • Syntax highlighting, brace/paren/bracket matching
    • Evaluate expression (within namespace)
    • S-expression navigation
    • Lisp style indenting
  • Code Navigation

    • Structured navigation of Clojure source
    • Supports hierarchical navigation of multimethod dispatch functions to defmethods
  • Debugger

    • Breakpoints
    • Clojure style display of local variables
    • Step through code
  • Project Management

    • AOT (ahead of time) compile support
    • Project templates with clojure.contrib